Exchange and Returns

Please consider:

in occurrences involving exchange or returns you shall communicate our Customer Service department in less than 72 hours ( and provide us all the information (photos, videos and documents) about your order and the reason why you wish to exchange or return your product. Your exchange or return shall be considered once the Exchange and Returns Policies are followed as stated and reviewed by a member of our team.

For best shopping experience with Vallvé, we advise you to:

- Read the description and the technical information of the product carefully to ensure the product is fit for purpose;
- Check the color name and code, model and size of the product before completing your purchase with us;
- Read the maintenance, cleaning and product usage instructions provided;
- Keep hold of your purchase receipt – this is your product’s warranty;
- Original packaging must be kept should you wish to exchange or return the product;
- Always check goods upon delivery by the carrier.

If any of the following occurs, please contact our Customer Service department within 72 hours (

- Open or damaged packaging;
- Faulty product;
- Product does not match with your order;
- Missing parts.


1) Design Changes: Vallvé reserves the right to make changes without notice in the design of the products or packaging.
2) Resin Colors: Vallvé’ s resin production is 100% handmade, therefore slight variations in hue of colors should be tolerated.

Please contact us if you wish to exchange or return your order with our Customer Support ( At Vallvé, we continuously make improvements to our fabrication processes to ensure products are finished to the higher standards. Due to the handmade nature of our processes, some variations may occur.